Hip & Joint Supplement Review

October 27, 2020

I have two French Bulldogs, Gigi is 5 and Codi is 4. They are both super healthy except for some joint issues. These are a Frenchie curse, BUT, I have found these K9 Nature Supplements called Hip & Joint Revita Chew

Gigi started lifting up her back leg when she would walk and originally I thought it was due to her toenails. I took her to the vet and I was told she has a knee issue, frankly, I didn’t even realize my dog had a knee. Silly Moi!

The vet gave me a pain killer and then told me to get some Glucosamine and sprinkle that over her food. Okkkkk, but let me do some research and find a treatment that I am comfortable with.

Since I make my dog’s food, I am committed to giving them healthy, natural treats, and supplements. When I did my research several pet companies came up but K9 Nature Supplements sold me with their passion for healthy alternatives:

  • ONLY joint supplement that contains Omega 3 Fatty Acids From Fish Oil
  • Natural Anti Inflammatory Properties For Fast Pain Relief
  • Optimal Combination of Active Ingredients for Best Joint Health
  • Highest Quality Ingredients for Maximum Support - Our supplements are cold-pressed, which has the advantage of preserving the active ingredients for an optimal quality product.
  • Made in the USA by an FDA Approved c-GMP Facility
  • Great Taste & Soft Chew That Dogs Love

This chew took away the pain Gigi was feeling and even took care of dry skin. Two for one right there! These chews have Glucosamine Hydrochloride for the joint, cartilage and reduce swelling that Gigi had. Within a few days of feeding her a daily ½ chew, she is under 25 lbs, she was running and playing outside with her brother and no yelping was heard. 

My boy Codi, has a hip issue and when he gets excited or runs too fast it’s like his hip comes out of the socket and I know when my hip pops out, it’s not the best feeling. I give him 1 chew daily and this has subsided his hip issue. There are 60 chews per container, that’s more than the other companies package.

Not only does it maintain healthy joints and cartilage for them, but these chews also have fish oil, not flaxseed, and that has made their skin and coats shine bright like a diamond! I didn’t even realize their coats were dull until giving them these chews.

I love knowing that I am giving them prevention measures instead of dealing with constant joint and skin issues. As they get older I know they will have pain-free senior years from joint pain.

The best part of this company, there are so many, is they know their products work and they offer you 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! Uhh, yes, please!

I have purchased several of their products and not once have I been disappointed. My dogs are reaping the benefits of these supplements and I’m a happy dog Mum.