Bladder & Kidney Support Review

October 27, 2020

A few months ago, my baby girl Gigi, had a bladder infection and the vet gave her a prescription. I personally would rather take organic or all-natural remedies before hitting Big Pharma, so I did my research and this is what I came across.


I absolutely love the products that K9 Nature Supplements supply. They have a Bladder & Kidney Support chew and my Frenchie loved it. She is very picky with food, treats, supplements, etc. She did her usual sniff test and then chomped it down. 


She was peeing all the time and sometimes not making it out her pet door, but after a few days of this Bladder & Kidney Support, she was back to her normal pee schedule. I know she was happy about not having to relieve herself constantly.


This Bladder & Kidney Chew is made from Cranberry Powder, Organic Marshmallow Root Powder, Organic Licorice Powder, Organic Astragalus Powder, and Nettle Seed Powder. What makes me happy is that it’s organic and pronounceable and made in the USA.


We, women, know that cranberry is a treasure for some of our ailments so I was pleased to see that it’s a primary ingredient in this chew. My dog is less than 30 pounds so she needs only 1 chew per day to maintain a healthy and happy kidney and bladder. 


The chews are packed with natural ingredients like the aforementioned cranberry which prevents the attachment of bacteria and minimizes the chance of stones developing. It also has anti-inflammatory herbs (love it) and organic astragalus powder that regulates normal blood pressure and boosts immunity. We can all agree that’s a win, right?


I treat my dogs like my human kids, the only difference is they have fur and walk on four legs and come when I call them. LOL. 


Like researching items for my human sons, I take measures to know exactly what I’m getting and what they are ingesting. Any product that is organic, healthy, and priced right, I am going to invest in it. Keeping my pups out of the vet for ailments is a top priority for me. 


Another bonus is that if you are not happy with K9 Natural Supplements they will refund you, 100% satisfaction guaranteed. 


In these times, that’s more than leaving me at ease. I personally believe you will not be disappointed or dissatisfied with these Bladder & Kidney Supplements. Good luck to you and your healthy pet!