Our diverse team comes from all different backgrounds, "walks of life," and even different continents, but we all have one very important thing in common: WE LOVE DOGS. Each and every author here is 100% dedicated to helping both new and seasoned dog owners lead the BEST lives possible with their beloved canine companions.

Meet Our Writers

Nicole Etolen: Editor & Writer

Nicole is the editor of DogVills, as well as one of the writers. She is incredibly passionate about dogs. Over the years, her “pack” included a German Shepherd (Tasha), a Lab/Collie mix (Maia), and a mystery mix (Cooper). 

After Tasha and Maia passed away (they were both almost 15), a family friend gifted her with a smart & sassy Pharoah Hound (Freya). Nicole has been writing most of her life and is thrilled to combine that with her love of dogs.

If you'd like to learn more, check out Nicole's blog, PrettyOpinionated.com, or read her full bio here. You can also find her on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Ben Roberts

My name is Ben Roberts, and I’ve been writing about animals for many years. Honestly, I couldn’t ask for a much better job, considering I’ve been around animals all my life. I can’t remember a time when there wasn’t at least one cat or dog inside my home. Currently, I’m a proud owner of a Beagle and a Pitbull who make sure my life is never dull.

I look forward to sharing some of my experiences with them in my articles. Hopefully, you find them as amusing as I do!

If you’re curious to hear my opinion about other topics, click here to find me on Twitter. It’s often full of frustrating tweets about my sports teams or links to music/movies I find interesting. You can also read my full bio here.

Ben B.

A former Veterinary Assistant at Southwest Animal Care Hospital, Ben is an animal lover, blogger, and all-around geek. Along with writing for DogVills, Ben runs his own virtual assistant company, BizzyBim.

When he’s not busy working (which, honestly, is very rarely), he divides his love equally between his family, his animals, and his video games.

Learn more about Ben on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Grigorina S.

Grigornia grew up surrounded by animals - dogs, cats, cows, goats, sheep, and horses and that has shaped me into what she is today - a crazy cat lady who always has a place for one more cat (or a dog). She puts that passion for all creatures great and small into every article that she writes.

When she's not blogging about pets, Grigorina is also a teacher at the Hristo Botev Primary School in the Targovishte Province in Bulgaria. She speaks both English and Bulgarian fluently, and even offers translation services for both languages.

Grigorina's diverse educational background includes a Bachelor's degree in Linguistic and Translation, and a Master's degree in Accounting. Follow her on Facebook AND Instagram to connect and learn more.

Meet Our Behind-the-Scenes Team

While our writers are front-and-center throughout the site, they wouldn't be able to do their job and bring you great content without an amazing and supportive "behind-the-scenes" team.

Gary Nealon

Gary is a serial entrepreneur, who built up an e-commerce company in the home improvement space up to $40+ million a year in sales before exiting 3 years ago. Since then he has been coaching other e-commerce companies on how to scale from 6 figures up to 7 and 8 figures using the processes and systems he used in his own business. He also owns a virtual assistant company in the Philippines which helps with the pet brands

Ryan Reed

Ryan has been an entrepreneur since 2008, right out of college. He started a successful Digital Marketing agency where he worked with Gary to help scale his home improvement company. Ryan also started a lifestyle brand with his wife in 2017, Lifebyher LLC, which provides lifestyle content for women. He and his wife Ashley have built the following to 700,000 followers and growing.